The Civil Law Legal System Essay

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The elements of the legal system in the United States are its origins, characteristics, functions and fields, constitutions and legal codes. The elements of the legal system come together, through the jurisprudence of American federal and state courts.

Origins and Characteristic of the Law and Legal Systems of the United States

Origin of the Common Law Legal System

The common law is used in all the states except Louisiana. Louisiana uses a civil law legal system, which is common throughout Europe.

Characteristics of the Common Law Legal System

Origin of the Civil Law Legal System

It can be argued that any time a state legislature encodes a law which was not previously coded, that the state legal system becomes partly a civil code system.
Civil law is used in Louisiana but not in any of the other states. Immigrants from France brought the civil law system with them. The French population of Louisiana maintained the civil law system and did not change to a common law system.

Characteristics of the Civil Law Legal System

Functions of the System of the Law

Legislative Function

Executive Function

The Many Purposes and Functions of Law in Society.

Establishing Standards
People and businesses and government employees must act in a way acceptable to the average person. Voting people hire and employ a person in the legislature to decide what laws to promote to achieve this end. The law sets standards for all sorts of activity and items such as…

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