The City That Never Sleeps Essay

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The City that Never Sleeps” New York City truly is “The City that Never Sleeps”. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. New York City has it all. From Broadway theaters to hundreds of museums to historic landmarks, there are attractions everywhere. Every day no matter the temperature the streets are continuously filled with people. Although there are differences around the city during the winter and the summer seasons the crowds never seem to cease. New York has many sights no matter the season. The streets are lined with skyscrapers that during the winter trap the wind and cold within. The streets in the winter are covered with dark black sludge that once was white snow. The air is always bitter cold. On …show more content…
Fireworks and over 2,000 pounds of confetti are scattered around. In the summer however, Rockefeller Center has no less people enjoying the outdoor festivals, and also the Summer solstice is celebrated in Time Square. Yankee Stadium is packed with fans as people come from all over as tourists and fans to go there.
During the summer or the winter the subway is always crammed with people traveling from one part of the city to the another. However, in the winter the subways are filled with more homeless people trying to escape the excruciating cold, and in the summer the huge rats are running wild. No matter what the weather is outside the subways are always a great way to get from place to place and never really have to endure the elements. Although there are people from all around the world at any given time in the city the true New Yorkers are the ones moving the quickest and living the fast paced city life. Their faces don’t seem to show expression and seem to be on a mission. This is a bit more noticeable in the summer as their faces are not concealed by hats and scarves. The tourist on the other hand have their “I love New York” shirts and hats on and cameras around their necks. By and large, New York City is one of the most traveled cities in the world. New York City appeals to everyone. From a slice of New York’s famous pizza to fine dining, New York has it all. At any time

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