The City Of The House Essay

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As I walked up the stairs, I braced myself for what I might find. The rest of the house was almost perfectly intact, save some burned areas near the front. Because the house was on the outer edge of the volcanic blast zone, and then the climactic shift to an even drier climate, much of Tucson that wasn’t in the main blast area remained preserved. A majority of the houses in the neighborhood hadn’t given us many artifacts: just empty shells of renter houses, or houses that had burned long before the volcano, much to our dismay. Our task was to collect artifacts that could be displayed in an up-and-coming museum about devastating volcanic eruptions in the Southwest, as many had occurred over the past several five centuries.
I pushed the door open, and walked into the room, surveying my surroundings. Immediately I saw a bed, perfectly preserved. The sheets, once probably a white, had colored to a stale yellow with age. I guess that’s what happens when they have been gathering dust for 500 years. They were covered in colorful outlines of butterflies, each one a different color from the rest. A wrapper for a packet of Goldfish was on the nightstand just to the left of the bed, and candy canes and a University of Arizona lanyard were found after opening the drawer of the nightstand. On top of the nightstand was also a pink handyman tool, opened to the scissors portion. It was clear that this was not handmade, though it was probably used for simple things, like cutting tags off of…

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