Essay on The City Of Ladies And Miguel De Cervantes

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Miguel De Cervantes and Christine de Pizan through their writings condemn the way writers and society viewed women, opposing such writing by pointing out that women possess attributes that stem further than their beauty or connection with men. If women are depicted one way in written text, those ideas will then transfer into society. Specifically, chivalric tales had this effect because at this point in time, the idea of chivalry was well respected and so were the tales that told of chivalric actions. The two authors presented the idea that readers were reading these tales incorrectly and in doing so assumed women to be the downfall of men, but that is incorrect. While their methods differ, both Christine De Pizan in “The Book of the City of Ladies” and Miguel De Cervantes in “Don Quixote” criticize the representation of women in literature and how women are viewed in society, in order to teach that women are not the downfall of men.
Miguel De Cervantes in “Don Quixote” mirrors the way chivalric tales describe women through the telling of Marcela’s story. The shepherds represent readers who read chivalric tales and apply them to real life situation, reading fictional tales literally. The shepherds when, speaking about Marcela, describe her as either being beautiful or evil. At one point the shepherd describes her as “[growing up] with such a beauty”, but also as “a terrible creature” (Cervantes Pg.432&434). Everyone who speaks of Marcela describers her with different words…

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