Essay about The City Of City Life

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It is better to live in a city than in the countryside.
A couple of decades ago life in a city had a higher level of comfort that in a private home. But it has changed with a distribution of autonomous engineering equipment, a growth of motorization, improving telecommunication technologies, the emergence of new building materials and the overall increase in the population 's welfare. A large number of people choose to give special attention to the area and the independence of public services in a countryside residence. Arguments on the are not relevant. There are a lot of city life supporters. Each variation has special benefits and disadvantages but more often that assessment of life in the city and in the countryside depends on personal factors of person 's family: opportunities, priorities , requirements, specific conditions and psychological factors .

Beautiful malls with famous shops, cafes, restaurants, clubs, museums. different entertainments, facilities loud night in the company of friends are characterised by urban life. But if analyze it and compare the pros and cons, there will be perfect life factors not only for frivolous teenagers but also for serious adults. All factors depend on city development. A place where a person lives controls which hospitals visit, when shops open and close, where can study. City shows the image of people need to be and living condition should have for the good attitude of citizens.( Pratt-Adams et al, 2010).

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