The City Of Boston Essay

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The city of Boston is one of America’s most well known, and beloved cities. The reason behind this is due to the fact its history involves much of America’s highest and lowest points since the conception of the colonies. In modern times the city is well known for a variety of things ranging from its baseball team the Red Sox, and its multiple well respected colleges. I chose it because of the small history my family has there, along with the large history it holds in this country. There is no doubt the city holds a respectable ranking among Resilience Capacity Index at number 20 of 361 with .72 being their Z-Score. Boston, due to its coastal location, small size, and extreme weather, is very susceptible to being critically affected by climate change. With the large port for cargo ships it holds, the greenhouse gases the city emites easily affect the surrounding sea and overall air quality. Most buildings in Boston are not prepared for floods, as they rarely occur there, but must be if the city is to prepare for climate change. The city must also, “Review emergency operation planning and evacuation routes” (City of Boston). Without proper planning Boston will certainly be devastated by floods and heat waves. What Boston makes up for this, however, is the fact the city is extremely well educated with The University of Baylor, and The University of Harvard right next door in Cambridge. According to the Boston Globe, “In the worst-case scenario, sea levels could rise more than…

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