The City Of Alexandria 's Major Hazards Essay

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The purpose of the mitigation plan is to identify the city of Alexandria’s major hazards, assess its vulnerabilities, and reduce the impact that the hazards will have on the community (What is Mitigation, June 2016). The plan will identify goals and recommended actions necessary to enhance life safety as well as minimize disruption to the community. The initial steps involved in the mitigation planning process include developing a planning committee who will research and understand the basic demographics of the city of Alexandria as well as a review of historical events that have impacted the community.
To establish the mitigation plan it is essential that a committee be created to identify the hazards and make recommendations for mitigation. The committee is composed of individuals that have knowledge of the community, the ability to make recommendations for mitigation, as well as the authority to enforce or institute changes. Stakeholders within the community will play a large part in the mitigation process and will provide additional knowledge and feedback. The Mitigation Planning committee members for Alexandria consists of the city Emergency Manager, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Director of Public Works and Streets & Stormwater Department, Mayor or designee, City Planner, Director of Geographic Information Systems, and General Manager of Alexandria Utilities. Stakeholders invited to participate in the mitigation process will include representation from local…

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