The Citations Are A Bit Of The Text Essay

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Crito Paper

Dominic Corridore

The citations are a bit off, since I am missing quite a bit of the text. I am using my dad’s Plato book, which is different.

Body 1- Socrates Arguments: Since we have already provided background information about this case and all is clear, I would like to suggest to examine the arguments however note that we will not enhance or attempt to destroy Socrates’s arguments at this moment. The sub arguments are as listed: the opinion of the many and experts (Crito, 44c- 44e), the central moral principle (Crito, 48a- 48e, 49a-49d) (One should never do a wrong), and finally obligation to the law (Crito, 51a- 54a). I understand there are much more arguments, however those arguments fall under one of these three categories. Now let us explain in further detail Socrates first argument, the opinion of the many and experts; Socrates advocates in response to Crito’s earlier statement (that majority have power to put us to death thus their opinions matter) that the opinion of the many is not powerful as it cannot do the greatest harm (make one foolish) because it cannot do the greatest good (making one wise). Socrates second point explicates that there are obvious situations when everyone would prefer an expert’s opinion, Socrates gave a great example, the example of the physical training. For instance, if you wanted advice for growing crops, you go to the farmer not the politician. The politician being the majority, and the farmer being the expert. Let us…

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