The Circles Curriculum Essay

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The Circles Curriculum teaches people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) about social boundaries and helps protect against abuse and exploitation (Circles I: Intimacy and Relationships). The complete curriculum is owned by the James Standfield Company and can be bought online. The curriculum includes; Circles: Level 1 Intimacy and Relationships, Circles: Level 2, and Circles: Stop Abuse. Each level comes with a teacher guide, DVD’s, and wall graphs that assistance in the delivery of the curriculum. Circles: Level 1 was created by Marlyn P. Champagne, RN MSW and Leslie Walker-Hrisch IMEd., FAAIDD. This level presents abstract concepts in a way that is easy and simple for the person with an IDD to understand. The connection to relationships and their intimacy level is showed visually. The Circles Curriculum is presented through video clips and activities done with a color-coded map. The Circles Curriculum is a simple concept. There are basic guidelines to the concentric circles. The color-coded map is used for rehearsal/role playing activities. The video clips that are used in this curriculum are high intensity and low complexity to get messages across. The videos help explain examples and spark discussion for students (Walker-Hirsch, L., & Champagne, M. P.) The color-coded map plays a big role in the implementation of The Circles Curriculum. The components of the map include six circles that are associated with colors and intimacy levels. The purple…

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