The Circle Pros And Cons

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The Circle written by Dave Eggers is a dystopian novel, that relates to a dark future. In this novel, there are two groups that readers could side with and they are “ inside the circle” or “outside the circle.” “The inside the circle” group has the perks of all the new technology and they work at the hottest company around. “The outside the circle,” group has its perks too, such as not being overly involved in technology, living a life that is not chosen for them, and they won 't be brainwashed. Each group has its pros and cons, but the better one would be the “outside the circle,” group. The “outside group would be a better choice because you can see how Mae changed throughout the book form outside to inside and finally tuning into a “robot.” …show more content…
She could not think for herself anymore and she was turning into a “robot,” which is very bad. Mae is like a robot because she does whatever her boss wants and has to be careful what she does since every move is recorded. Mae is being controlled by the circle and her life is basically over now. Once one has been sucked into the circle they will never escape. Mae’s best friend in the whole entire world is Annie. Annie is one of the bosses at the circle and she got Mae the job there in the first place. Annie devoted her life to the circle and it made herself ill. Annie was looking into her family’s past and it turned out to be very bad. Annie collapsed at her desk and she was in the clinic to get better (Eggers page 489). It turned out that she was on a respirator that was keeping her alive, it did not look good for her. If she had never worked at the circle she would most likely be alive. Mae was upset, but it didn’t stop her and she went right back to work. It did not affect Mae that much, so one could guess that Mae’s real friend is her job at this point the book and no longer Annie. Annie isn’t the only one that has been broken by the circle. Mae had been broken by the circle as well but in a fore more worse

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