The Circle By Dave Eggers Essay

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The Circle is a major business that maintains their focus to enforce everyone to work together as one unit. In the novel, The Circle, by Dave Eggers, there is an idea portrayed that every individual is a part of something greater than themselves. Eggers shows that anything that someone does, even a little act that does not seem to be important at the time, can have a major impact on the other individuals around them and even their society as a whole. This idea can be exchanged to the perspective of athletic teams, as well. Working alongside other individuals, whether within a business or on a team, can majorly impact the outcomes of events and even whether they achieve their main goal. When you are on an athletic team, you cannot always depend on just yourself. The majority of the time, depending on the sport and the situation, you have to be able to look to your teammates for assistance. The same idea also relates to when you are working for a major company. Even the people in charge have to look for help, especially when they are starting the business up. When the Circle was first becoming a company, Ty could not do everything on his own. This is because “Ty realized he was, at best, socially awkward, and at worst, an utter interpersonal disaster. So, just six months before the company’s IPO, he made a very wise and profitable decision: he hired the other two Wise Men, Eamon Bailey and Tom Stenton” (Eggers 20). When an individual is a part of something that is bigger…

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