The Cinderella Story Of A Fairy Tale Essay

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A fairy tale isn’t as most people intend to see it as, they show the positive aspects of everything and gives hints of the negative aspects but as a child when reading a person doesn’t realize until different versions are given. In the Cinderella story, her life at a young age just turns upside down, her mother dies at young age and then her father gets remarried with a women that brought along two evil hearts daughters which lead them both to treat Cinderella in a wrong way to just get what they want. As Cinderella, all she tried to do was to live a happy life after the tragic that has happen to her by just not caring about the wealthy. When the stepmother married Cinderella’s father and her two daughters came along they instantly became wealthy, but they weren’t satisfied with what they already had, all they cared was for more, they never settled for less. They thought that Cinderella had most part of the father’s fortune because she the first child, so they had decided to just take everything from her now that they were living in the same house, “They took away her beautiful clothes, dressed her in a gray smock, and gave her wooden shoes,” (Grimm 117). The stepmother and stepsister attempted to take away her dignity thinking that forcing Cinderella to do chores as a maid, it would make Cinderella leave and she would have no part of the fortune. But that didn’t stop Cinderella from being who she truly was, in the story Grimm Brother Cinderella was part of a respectful…

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