The Church Of Thessalonica Essay

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For the church in Thessalonica, there were some unique circumstances which had warranted an address from Paul. Writing to the Thessalonians from Corinth, a notoriously licentious seaport, Paul had known well of the moral corruption that his new converts were also constantly exposed to in the seaport of Thessalonica. His letter, appropriately warning the new converts, is timely for mostly those of whom had only very recently lived in the low moral standards of the common pagan world around them. It was possible that immorality would soon sprout in the infant church due to the cultural mores of the city. Thessalonica was within sight of the home of Greek gods- Mt. Olympus. In light of this, we see there were cults of Dionysus, Aphrodite, Osiris, Isis, the Cabirus, and the Priapass in Thessolonica; all of whom who had permitted sexual license to their adherents, using this freedom of promiscuity even as aspects of worship to their pagan deity. As an obvious consequence, sexual laxity was very prominent in the Greco-Roman lifestyle.
The fact that the initial visit by Paul was short (Acts 17:1-9) in Thessalonica, only 3 weeks, it seems probable that he may not have had enough time to instruct the new Christians. The text we will be exploring renders Paul’s unmistakable response to the lascivious nature of the church’s surroundings and how it is to be dealt with. We will see holiness as a major theme in the text with sexual immorality as the majority of the content. If a…

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