The Church Of The Catholic Church Essay

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Struggles are subject to happen in any given church if not conducted in a way pleasing to God and in view of his word being preached and teach to his congregation of people. In a research of church struggling, the Catholic churches are prominent ones of reference. A Catholic priest, Peter Daly writes,
Everywhere from Boston to Minneapolis, Catholic churches have closed or been consolidated into regional cluster. The chief reason is declining Mass attendance. In New York, Mass attendance has fallen to European levels, around fifteen percent on an average Sunday, according to The New York Times. In Boston, it is even lower, around twelve percent. Nationwide, only twenty-four percent of Catholics go to Mass on an average Sunday, down from fifty-five percent in 1965.

Several Catholics churches throughout the United States have begun to struggle in attendance of their morning Mass, mainly in the area of youth, the treatment of lesbian and gays, the respected of women’s participation in the church, and the use of birth control. Sadly, these issues many churches will face in the future generation of church attendance. Churches cannot dismiss these everyday life situations. A collection of these issues is what makes up today’s family. If only certain part of a family is welcome in the church, then the church loses the whole family. Churches are known to have a diverse in attendance, because most people every day are looking to belong to a church. Willimon writes,
Many people…

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