Essay about The Church Of Romans By Paul

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The general impressions of this letter written to the church of Romans by Paul gives me the idea he is addressing several core issues that he had come across in the startup churches. Some of these core issues may be specific to the church in Rome however other issues may have been general issues that a lot of new community churches through the entire region were experiencing. The issues included the Jews desire to determine if Gentiles were eligible to receive salvation and if the Gentiles were supposed to abide by Jewish law once they had accepted Jesus. Paul defined how grace abounds where it is needed most, however, he further clarified that does not mean when someone understands grace they have been given permission to sin more and live recklessly. He used the letter to express his sadness regarding Israel’s continued difficulty in accepting God’s truth. The letter is also a source of encouragement and thanksgiving for those ministering to Rome’s community of believers.
The creative title to the book-as-whole would be, “A Roman’s Guide to Living for God in Christ and through the Holy Spirit.” The following is a list of chapter titles for each chapter in the letter:
Chapter 1: Why Gentiles are Who They Are
Chapter 2: All will be Judged by Their Judgements
Chapter 3: God’s righteousness comes Through Faithfulness of Jesus
Chapter 4: Actions Do No Cause Righteousness, Righteousness Causes Actions
Chapter 5: Grace provides salvation and the knowledge of salvation provides…

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