The Church Of God And Salvation Essay

826 Words Nov 17th, 2015 4 Pages
When I was a little girl, my grandmother and grandfather drove my sibling and me to church every Sunday. I was taught the ins and out of being a member of the Church of God, how Christ is the truth, the light and the only way to Heaven. Heaven was taught to be a place to look forward to, a place away from the terrible earth, a place where there was no evil. We were taught that it is by faith we believe, then to follow the rules and we will be saved from hell. Everyone in the church had this comprehensible loving yet serious voice every time they would speak about the important choices that I had to make to ensure my salvation. I know that when I was in the mist of religious group, going to church every Sunday, being a part of the community, I was able to will myself to believe and engage in the purpose of the church, God and salvation. Just as James Williams argued I lived the religion, I was forced into believing I needed to make a choice and the relationships around me gave me momentum to follow them. I believe that anyone that is a part of a religious group of people demonstrates the act of willing himself or herself to believe in God. When I left the church my world changed, because the church community was not in my day to day life, will became not enough to believe. I started questioning the religious rules the church taught me. This leads me to assert a persons environment and relationships that they religiously engage in can depict the willingness to believe,…

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