Essay on The Church Of A Catholic Church

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I grew up in a catholic environment where we went to church every Sunday around noon. A Catholic Church is the only church I’ve ever been too, so over my spring break, I got the chance to visit a Presbyterian church. When it comes to the religion Christianity there are so many other religious branches that fall under there, Presbyterian being one of them. Catholicism and Christianity are two very known religions; I chose to visit this Presbyterian Church, because I wanted to see the difference between the two religions. On the day I visited the church I was actually working. I work as a Certified Nursing Assistant and the elderly woman I was taking care of that day inviting me to attend church with her, so I accompanied her. She was very excited that I had agreed to attend with her and I was too, but at the same time I was also nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since a catholic church is all I’ve ever been too. When we arrived at the church, I could see that they had a playground for the kids to play at. We did not have that at our church, so I thought that was pretty interesting. Once we were seated the pastor went up on the stand and greeted everyone. As I walked in the church I expected to walk right into the room where the service was talking place. When I opened the door I noticed that there was a hallway and other little rooms, as well as an open space where people gathered to have conversations before the service. The room was gathered with a lot of families…

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