The Church Has Undergone By Building An Immense Church With A Harmonious And Celestial Feeling

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The church has undergone many reconstructions throughout the years. Over three churches were rebuilt in that spot until Justinian created Hagia Sophia and that is what is there to this day. Justinian is definitely in a place to be honored for the greatness that he accomplished. He set an example for others that greatness could be achieved and to be proud of their religion. He built Hagia Sophia to let others understand the superiority of Christianity by building an immense church with a harmonious and celestial feeling. Hagia Sophia was originally destined to be a Christian church but was turned into a mosque and was used for the same purpose. Even though both religions have different ideals they have to realize that they are not that different after all. Their love for their God and for what He’s done has brought them to share the same feelings and even use the same church. Hagia Sophia was used as a precedent for other mosques because of the grandiose features the dome brought to the mosque, a completely different sense of the unity of heaven and earth.
Hagia Sophia was built to show the superiority of Christianity and to show the people what a real heaven looked like. Many features like the mosaics and especially the some contribute to this mission. The church originally had mosaics about Jesus, The Virgin Mary, and emperors but in the early eighth and ninth century they were destroyed due to iconoclasm. The Christian church believed that having images would allow…

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