Essay on The Church And The Crown

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The church and the crown were the institutions that allowed the complete assimilation of the natives of Mexico. The crown allowed the Constiquadores to do the dirty work. After the crown sends it people to administrate it. Finally it sent the church to use its spiritual power to convinces the natives to assimilate. The church had two arms of the clergy. The regular clergy was the spiritual and missionary, advocated and defended the natives. The secular clergy was the material, organization, and political sided with settlers and landowners. The crown often sided with secular clergy. The seculars and crown undid work of regulars. The Office of Inquisition was set up on 1571 to counter unchristian work. It range from dealing with heresy and finally adultery. The church played a large role in New Spain by affecting its people. When Spain kicked out the Muslims, the papacy gave the Spanish throne privileges. The Spanish throne were heads of the Catholic Church in their territory. The church now became an arm of the state. The Spanish Church had two branches, the secular and the regular. The secular group was composed of priests who served the under their bishops. The regulars were missionaries under the separate authority of their various orders. The conquest was justified due to christian mission of saving of the “savages.” They use this clause to do what they wanted on this “virgin” land. The church and the crown obtain large areas of land for their use. If they wanted more…

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