Essay on The Christmas Eve Of Poland

1999 Words Nov 26th, 2015 null Page
Growing up, I was surrounded by many superstitious and unfounded behaviors that many of my friends and family members believed in and practiced. As it turns out, there are many superstitions and ritualistic behaviors that Poles believe in and that are incorporated into daily lives as well as in the many rich customs and traditions. One example of a superstitious routine intertwined with many ritualistic behaviors is the Christmas Eve in Poland. Although many different practices are performed on this very special evening of the year, the whole sequence of behaviors and actions can be classified as one broad and complex ritual that many Polish families follow until this day. It is not a surprise then that my family and I also developed a traditional sequence of events that were always followed on Christmas Eve. Since Christmas Eve is widely regarded as the ‘most important ' day of the year by a vast majority of the Polish population, it is firmly believed that the way that a person acts and behaves on that day will predict and dictate the rest of their year. Acting appropriately, staying humbled, and being courteous and polite to others would mean that a person would carry themselves in such manner the whole upcoming year. Arguing with another person, especially a family member would indicate the type of relationship that will persist between the two family members throughout the year. If a person sneezes or if they complain of any physical ailments on Christmas Eve, it is an…

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