The Christians And Christians During The Crusades Essay

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During the Crusades the Christians (aka. The Franks) were “to expel the enemies of god.” According the Christians the Holy Land resided in Jerusalem. The current inhabitants of Jerusalem were “the Turks and Arabs.” The Turks and Arabs were primarily Muslim and not Christian. They were seen as a problem to the current Pope. Pope Urban II then gave a speech to the men of Franks. Pope Urban II stated that the people living in the Holy Land were not behaving as if they were living in a Holy Land of God. He told his followers a variety of vivid details about what the residents of Jerusalem were doing to the Christian people that lived there. These accusations included raping Christian women, torturing Christian people, forcing Christian’s into converting, circumcising Christians, and that they were “depopulated Christians by the sword, pillage, and Fire.” Also destroying Christian altars by “defiling them with their uncleanness” and with the blood of male circumcision. None of these accusations were proven to be true or false.
Based on the Pope’s speech, it can be inferred that the role of Christianity in medieval Europe was it was stretched out thin. Also, that they were blurring the lines between church and state so there were none. Pope Urban II tried to further prove the church’s foothold in society by using a war over the Holy Lands. He used his speech to lure those who did had nothing else to lose. These individuals included people who had problems with the law…

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