The Christian Worldview: My Goals And Goals Of My Life

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Wendy Guindi
Azusa Pacific University, University College

My Life
In many people’s lives today, it’s very important to set goals for ourselves. Having to be ambition to strive reaching for my goals and plan for the future is the key. However people including myself should work very hard on knowing their future goals and go after what their heart desires. I will be explaining my personal thoughts about who I am, How I arrived at this point in my life ,What I have accomplished, why it is of value, what I have learned about myself and my relation to others and God through my college and life.
I’m a very happy person and love being happy at all times. I love learning new things everyday because I don’t like to be in a gathering where someone would be talking about something and not be able to know what it is. I also like to take care of myself and be responsible for my own life and actions. I was not like this before because my life 5 years ago was not very healthy
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The Christian worldview offers an informing, structuring, and illuminating system for completing and comprehending every sort of knowledge. The goals that I have set for myself will make me become a better person and will give me more confidence, and it will help me look ahead towards my future. It also helped me organize my plans by allowing me to give myself time limits and boundaries. Writing them down and viewing them, helped me focus more on how to make things happen. In this conclusion, the purpose of having these goals accomplished is to make progress of taking a step forward. Although I try my best now to work hard for these goals not only to make a good life for myself, but to make an amazing life for my future kids. If I maintain my focus nothing will defer my

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