Essay on The Christian View Of The Muslim Jesus

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The Muslim Jesus is a British documentary from the year 2007. Historically, Christians and Muslims have clashed due to their beliefs, and what is so crucial about this documentary is that it challenges the fact that Christians and Muslims are more alike than different; in this case, due to both Christians and Muslims viewing Jesus as an important prophet. The film revolves around how Islam regards Jesus and compares the Islamic view with the Christian view. The film also incorporates Ninian Smart’s Six Dimensions of Religion as it compares and contrasts the sister religions of Christianity and Islam. Smart states that religion follows six dimensions: doctrines, myths, ethics, ritual, experiment, and social. A key part of his assertion is how all of the six dimensions seem to intertwine with each other; and almost all religions follow these six dimensions. A religion cannot be complete without doctrine. In the case of The Muslim Jesus, the documentary touches upon both the doctrine in the Quran (the Islamic holy book) and in the New Testament of the Bible (the Christian holy book). The doctrine mentioned in the documentary pertains to the life and myth (another one of Smart’s dimensions) of Jesus Christ. In the bible, Jesus is mentioned as the Son of God as well as the holy prophet. He is the result of a miraculous conception by the Virgin Mary and he died on the cross in order to save humanity from sin. In the Quran, Jesus is not stated as such but is instead referred to…

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