The Christian Faith And Its Denominations Essay

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Group Paper The Christian faith and its denominations in North America are similar in many ways and different in many as well. The four main traditions are: Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, and Orthodox. Of these four major traditions Catholic makes up the most at 50 percent while Protestant and Pentecostal are both 20 percent each and the last 10 percent being orthodox. These four big traditions of Christianity are all part of one family tree.
Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism share common roots in the church of the old Christian Roman Empire and have histories that intertwine back to their roots, which trace back to Jesus and his disciples. Orthodoxy and Christianity had a slow separation starting around the year 300, mainly since Roman Catholic spoke Latin and Eastern Orthodox spoke Greek. Protestant and Pentecostal traditions, they are much newer however. The Protestant tradition broke off from Catholicism during the reformation of the Roman Catholic Church in the early 1500’s. Then Pentecostalism broke off from Protestantism in 1906. For Protestantism and Pentecostalism is the emphasis placed on word versus spirit. Protestants tend to be word oriented, emphasizing the content of the biblical revelation and its logic-based interpretation while Pentecostalism focuses more on spirit and the experienced reality of God in one’s life and in the world. The Catholic Tradition is housed entirely in one specific church, the Roman Catholic Church, which is headed by the…

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