The Christian Church And The Gospel Of God Essay

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The Christian Church began because people were willing to testify to what they had seen in the life and ministry of Jesus. The Gospel According to Mark bears witness to the ministry, passion and crucifixion of Christ. Interestingly, Mark is credited with creating the term “gospel,” demonstrating the mission of Jesus to preach the gospel of God. The evidence is extremely strong, based Christian testimony, that Mark is the author of this gospel. It has been assumed that the Mark who wrote this Gospel is the John Mark recorded in the book of Acts, and the speculation could be accurate because there are parts of Mark that read as though he was an eyewitness to the events. It is presumed that Mark intended on writing this Gospel to give an account of the good news about Jesus Christ who is the Son of God. Mark’s writing is framed in the following manner: an introduction, the Galilean ministry, Jesus’ work outside of Galilee, the journey to Jerusalem, and the final ministry which culminates in Jesus’ passion and crucifixion. Mark’s style of writing emphasized discipleship; it is a book that focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus and what it means to be a follower of Him and the manner in which that unfolded. He demonstrates specifically in chapters 8-10 that being a disciple of Jesus requires a willingness to lay down one’s life to suffer for others. Mark’s literary style in detailing the discipleship of Christ is in the format of a narrative that is…

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