The, Christian And Muslim Religions Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to determine what motivates a theist (specifically the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions) to act morally, and to what extent they’re influenced by the divine implications the dogma implies. This is important because religion penetrates society as well as individual lives, regardless of some individual’s personal belief, everyone in society is affected by it. Additionally, upholding morality in a society is vital to its continuation, growth and development. Religion has the effect of imparting a universal moral code to the masses, impacting society on a large scale considering the prevalent nature of religion everywhere. Thus it is important to examine what drives this large portion of society (theists) morally.
The theistic views embodied in Judaism, Christianity and Muslimhood commonly utilize the Divine Command Theory approach to morality; they all refer similar ethical boundaries to a supernatural existence. Sentiments such as “thou shalt not kill” are shared by all three religions we’re concerned with here. This rule is believed to have been an instruction sent from a higher, supernatural force. The morals which are encouraged by religions, we are assuming for our purposes, are good and beneficial to society (at least in our interpretation of them). We’re also deciding that the religious persons referred to in this essay practice under the assumption that the word of their supernatural being is correct and should be followed, if one…

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