The Chosen And The Promise Essay

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The conflict with family and faith is big and important. Having conflict with your family can really ruin a family and break it apart. Having conflict with faith leaves you confused and lost. In two of Chaim Potok’s novels, The Chosen and The Promise we see both conflict in family and in faith In The Chosen by Chaim Potok there is a lot of conflict with family and faith. To start off with Reuven and Danny become good friends after Danny nearly blinds Reuven during their intense softball game. Both boys are from different Jewish backgrounds. Reuven is a traditional Orthodox Jew and Danny is a Hasidic Jew. Reuven’s father is a dedicated scholar who wants his son to be a mathematician, but he wants to be a rabbi. Danny’s father is the head of a Hasidic dynasty and Danny is expected to take his place as tradition, but he wants to be a psychologist. This is a big struggle, especially for Danny. He is expected to take his father’s place, even though he does not want to, breaking tradition. Danny was also brought up in silence by his father, only talking to him in religious conversations. Later on it is revealed that his father did this in order for his son to understand pain because early on he saw that his son was very intelligent and did not want his son to be heartless. It turned out that Danny really cares deeply for other people. Reuven is placed in a position as a middleman between Danny and his father. Reb. Saunders asks Reuven about whether Danny has been reading other…

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