The Choice Of Pro Life Or Pro Choice Essay example

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The Choice of Pro-life or Pro-choice for teenager in South Kore For long time, the attitude of abortion has been always controversial and brought critical arguments between different cultures, ethics, religions, and human rights. Therefore, many countries legalize the abortion because women have right to choose their own bodies but it is still illegal in South Korea since 1953. There are exception for risk of mother’s health due to severe birth or the pregnancy was caused by a sexual crime. However, surprisingly “a 2005 study estimated that South Korea had about 340,000 abortions a year…that is about double the U.S. rate” (1). Moreover, according to Statistics Korea, There are 81% percent of teenager who experienced pregnancy, choose to abort their baby (2).
Many Korean parents encourage their children to abort the baby when they found out her pregnancy during teenager. This is because she has to suffer bad treatment from society and even her family. In Korean culture, if child did something wrong with anything, people would blame his or her parent about not properly educated their child. Furthermore, there is still sexism between men and women (authority more towards men), women have to take all the responsibility for unwanted pregnancy. According to Richter who studied at Public Health and Community Medicine at University of New South Wales, shows that “young men wanted more involvement in the decision about having an abortion” (161). In other words, if she did not…

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