The Choice Of A Liberal Arts Education Essay

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The choice of what university and degree a student wants to pursue is decided before high school graduation; in some cases a liberal-arts degree is chosen. Misconceptions and critical opinions lead many to not take an interest in a liberal-arts education. In the article, “7 Major Misperceptions About the Liberal Arts”, Sanford J Ungar states that an education once held up as an “effective approach to learning has come under critical gaze” (pp.1) and “common misperceptions” (pp.1). In my opinion the cost of a liberal-arts education and the type of economic class you derive from does affect your chance at completing a liberal-arts education.
Sanford J Ungar argues that the liberal-arts education has been affected by the scrutiny hard economic times has brought; once thought of as an “effective approach to learning” (pp.1), it “has now come under critical gaze” (pp.1) and “common misperception” (pp.1). Furthermore, liberal-arts can be seen as an effective investment and the best form of career education; students should be ready for change, as well as, prepared for multiple careers he/she can have than partaking in a single dead end job. In a 2009 survey more sixty percent of the country’s employers endorse that students pursue a liberal-arts education; employers look for students who have, “the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing” (pp.1), and who can develop better, “critical thinking and analytical reasoning skill” (pp.1). Ungar believes that just…

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