The Chocolate War Essay

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Emotional destruction, brutal sport fields and blurry vision are just some of the moments that sum up the first four paragraphs of acclaimed novel, The Chocolate War. This novel is a basic story, however usage of techniques such as metaphors, similes and verbs have changed my outlook on the book. I now see a complex, dramatic piece of literature.

There are many themes and ideas displayed in these passages which challenge a variety of thought. Firstly, this quote looks at sport being compared to that of war.
"As he turned to take the ball, a dam burst against the side of his head and a hand grenade shattered his stomach."
This is a very expressive excerpt focusing at some specific points that you could compare to sport. Robert Cormier
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However, he feels brave and heroic after taking a lot of blows; he still rises to his feet and defends. I didn't understand the need for the last two words in the sentence. Why do we need to know he sees the world "in edges"? It's just dragging the sentence on that little bit longer. The lenses seem symbolic to me because he knows sees the world at a different view from the ground. Sport stories aren't all glitz and glamour, there is pain and destruction.

The final part of the excerpt is personally, a truly gripping piece of writing. It explores depression and loneliness that many feel during time in our lives.
"… grotesque creatures from an unknown world. He had never felt so alone in his life, abandoned, defenceless."
This quote situates me to view the text as a depressing novel. The narrator is showing Jerry's raw emotions and I sense he is severely helpless, worried and depressed. He sees all those around him as aliens because with the use of verbs, we picture them very ugly and quite muscular. I personally believe that Jerry is thinking of his mother because he is showing feelings of what you would feel when you lose someone you love. Jerry would be reflecting the impact his mother's death may have affected his mental state. Verbs and metaphors are used flawlessly in portrayed emotions and surroundings. People can interpret this passage in a variety of ways because it is written flexible enough to challenge different thoughts. The techniques‘s used really

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