The Chinese Market Price Skimming Essay example

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4.Pricing strategy

Because our products rosehip oil iconic features and patents, we decided to use in the Chinese market price skimming. First rosehip oil in New Zealand has been a very successful product, its quality has been verified, while China is a huge market, as China 's economy becomes more developed, the demand for female cosmetics is growing. We want to have a place in China 's cosmetics market, in addition to the premise of ensuring product quality, good variety of markets strategies to help the company establish a brand image is the key because we locate the target population of young women in the city, so the price strategy on the very tips. price skimming is appropriate promotion of our products in the Chinese market. China is a very special market, when the customer selects a product, the first reaction is to look at the price. In China there is a saying, better goods are not cheap, which means that people have a high price in China is the high quality of these preconceptions The impression of urban women of our rosehip oil target population are more developed this concept to evaluate the price of the product, so we take the high road, relatively small minority, but more conducive to our brand image. But this pricing strategy has obvious shortcomings, is too small for the congregation is not conducive to the spread of brand influence, but this is our brand characteristics, because our rosehip oil is a natural product, yield rare, may not be mass-produced…

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