The Chinese Culture Revolution By Dr. Yu Wan Wang Essay

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It was back in the era of the Chinese Culture Revolution, Dr. Yu-wan Wang’s grandfather was a wealthy banker in China, but was prosecuted during the Chinese culture revolution.

“I’m product of the Chinese Culture revolution, so I know the importance of education and the need to take risks to satisfy my intellectual desire,” Dr. Wang said.

The Chinese Culture Revolution was a sociopolitical movement took place in China from 1966 to 1976. The chairman Mao Zedong started the revolution, in order to preserve the spirit of the communist ideology, capitalists and traditional culture elements in the society must be destroyed.

The campaign started with to cast away the four olds, which were old ideas, old cultures, old customs and old habits. Included museums and ancient art works being destroyed, books were burned, and people adored Mao with his pictures and sayings everywhere.

The very first thing Mao aimed to remove from the society was religion, because he believed without a belief systems, the chinese people were easier to control.

The second and most important target Mao focused on was the education, because he believed educated people were dangerous and might threaten his party, because they have the knowledge to think for themselves. So the intellectuals were highly persecuted, teachers were beaten to death or physically tortured.

As a rich and well educated banker at the time, Dr. Wang’s grandfather saw the dangers to him and his family. He made a decision that…

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