The Chimney Sweeper And Narrative Of The Life Essay

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Society today’s is not much different from society back in the 19th or the 20th century. People will allow society to make them believe in something that they have total disbelieve against. Society plays key role in our everyday live. In the generation that we live in today’s, people let society influence there better judgement. However, do people really think about the cost of going along with society today, or do they just reject society’s expectations? In “The Chimney-Sweeper” and “Narrative of the Life”, both authors describe how people allow society to get away with not doing the right thing. In “The Chimney-Sweeper”, William Blake shine a like on how children was treated in the industrial period. The Industrial period was time where hand tools were being replace by power-driven machines. Before this time period, children were servants that did jobs around the house. In today’s society children would love to work, because it’s a sign of independence. However, in the 1900s and 1800s children would have done anything for one day of freedom. A day to just be a kid; no work just fun.
However this change doing the Industrial period. Children had to work long hours and under dangerous factory conditions. Children were very useful, because of their size. Their size allowed them to move in small spaces within the factories. Basically the children was doing the adults jobs. At one point in time, there were more children working in the factories than adults. Some will argue…

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