The Children 's Specific Learning Disability And What You Think Of The Interventions That They Received

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Misunderstood Minds Question 1: Briefly discuss each of the student’s specific learning disability and what you think of the interventions that they received. The first child shown in Misunderstood Minds is named Nathan Vanhoy. Nathan’s teacher became aware of his lack of phonemic awareness. Nate does not have the ability to distinguish among the different sounds and break words into their individual sounds (phonemes). In his situation he spends a large amount of time decoding words, which affects his comprehension, reading and writing. Nathans transition from the general education classroom to the resource room is a means of intervention, which allows him to get more individualized attention. As a result, he improved in his reading and math abilities. Another intervention shown was a video recording system, where Nathan talks and he is able to hear the sounds in the words. Overall, the interventions helped him improve in school and with the support of those around him he will continue to perform better in reading and math. The second child shown in the video is an eleven year old girl named Lauren Smith. Laurens difficulties are shown in the areas of organization, academically and social interaction. These challenges are present in her life when she is doing homework or remembering where her lunchbox is located. Laurens specific learning disability is a result of her uneven brain chemistry and lack of dopamine. The intervention that was proposed by her doctor was a…

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