The Children 's Social Development Essay

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them more than any other person. Morals can come from what your grandparents might have thought was right and wrong. Morals are important in a child’s development because even though once they grow up they are free to do as they please their morals can kick in and help them do the right thing.
Children’s social development can be different depending on how attached are they with their parents. The social relationship a child has with his or her parents directly correlates with the relationships and social behavior the child will have throughout life. As a result, the attachment a child has with his or her parents is essential to his or her social development. “Parental attitude toward their children have a strong impact on the child sense of self and self-esteem parents warmth and support being key factors for the child.” (Richards, Gitelson , Petersen, &Hartig, 1991). Ainsworth has three main forms of attachment a child has with his or her parents: secure, avoidant, and ambivalent.

In addition, secure attachment is when the child uses the mother as a base to explore or meet others. Avoidant attachment is when the child does not care that they are left alone without their mother. Ambivalent attachment is when the child shows fear of being with strangers when mother leaves. A child who has a secure attachment with their parents is stronger, empathetic, and self-knowledgeable, has a higher self-esteem, and is more curious. On the other hand, a child with avoidant…

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