The Children 's Safety Center Essay

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Introduction My internship is at the Children’s Safety Center in Springdale Arkansas. The population that the center serves are children 18 and under in Washington county when there is allegation of abuse. They can also provide curtesy services for other counties if needed. There are four services provided at the Children’s Safety Center; advocacy, forensic interview, medical exam, and therapy. The center provides all of its services free of charge for the clients. The center is a nonprofit organization that relies on grants and donations to remain functioning.
Advocacy is what most of the social works at the center provide. There are several ways to provide advocacy. The most important part of advocacy is to provide support for the clients. It is enormously important to make sure the client knows that they have support and that they are in a safe environment. The center also provides advocacy in the way of referring clients and their families to resources like OGC. Advocacy is also providing follow up for to check in on their wellbeing and too see if there are any more resources or support to help them during the time of need. Advocates also play a part in each of the other services provided.
Forensic Interview The forensic interview is a key element in the investigation of the allegations of abuse. Having a forensic interview at the children’s safety center is beneficial to the children. This is due to the fact that they do not have to keep telling their…

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