Essay about The Children 's Nature Of The Different Age

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1. Read Preface, Introduction and Chapters 1-3 in Youth Development. Please post your key learning insights from the reading and share your own experiences as they relate to the reading. 30 pts.

In the chapters 1-3 in in the book, Author Rick Miller, gave a detailed insight on the children’s nature of the different age. From the early age children’s are introduced to both positive and negative environment. Parents can try, but there is no such way that any they can plan and provided the only positive environment to their child 's. Children can be influenced by anything. Everyday life, family structure, friends, society, school, can bring changes in their thinking. Rick further provided examples like why children/teenager will face problems like pregnancies, school dropouts, gangs, fights and many more. These chapters also present detail insight on why some children get exceptionally successful and some will fail in their life tests.
Piaget theories can also be tied in here. His article explains the different stages of children’s learning process. He thinks children will learn if it is more creative way and if they can experience themselves, so different creative activities should to give to the child foe them to learn in the different way. He explained how the grading system in the school and the colleges could help to stay focused. They can keep track and also will know where they can improve themselves.
Families’ plays very important role in the success of the child.…

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