The Children 's Literacy Development Essay

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In the closing chapter of Hayes, Baruth, and Kessler’s Literacy con Cariño, the authors reflect on the factors that cause immigrant students, such as the ones Robert taught, to fall behind in school. They also focus on what Robert did to combat those issues so he could instill a love of literacy into his class. Through ongoing textual dialogue, published work, and Robert’s confidence in them, the students transformed from the timid children they once were to avid readers and writers. The implementation of reading in their every day life was key as well. Most students came from environments where the written word was sparse, causing them to not practice enough. Through the dialogue journals and his class library, Robert brought text into every aspect of their lives. The discussion of the parents’ role regarding their children’s literacy development stood out to me. Since I come from a literate family, it was interesting to read about parents who were illiterate, but desired differently for their children. I also enjoyed reading Cummins’ model of learning and the interactions that can either help or hinder a minority student. One in particular that I reflected upon was the “classroom interactions between teachers and minority students” (Baruth et al, 1998, p. 124). I feel as if that is often times overlooked, but the relationship between Robert and his students perfectly displays what ESL teachers should strive to attain. As a typical white middle class student, my parents…

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