The Children And Families Act 2014 Essay

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Part 1 of The Children and Families Act 2014 contains provisions to go through with proposals made in ‘An Action Plan for Adoption: Tackling Delay’ (Department of Education, 2012). The government has made investments of four and half million pounds to end delays for children awaiting adoption; 4,060 children had an adoption decision but were not yet placed at 31 March 2015), on average adoption delays of one year and nine months (Department of Education, 2015). Longer delays were caused by seeking a perfect or partial ethnic match for the child. Charles et al (1992) and Thoburn et al (2000) highlighted that Black Minority Children remained amongst the most difficult children to place, on average delays being up to one year longer. Researcher Selwyn et al (2006) found there was a shortage of minority ethnic adopters particularly for older children. As well as minority ethnic children had fewer prospective adopters showing interest in them in comparison to white children. Initially the Adoption and Children’s Act (2002) section one, subsection five sought: ‘due consideration to be given to religious persuasion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background’ of the child. An Action Plan for Adoption: Tackling Delay (2012) identified that local authorities found difficulties in finding matches and working to this legislation. Professional disagreement over ‘same race’ placements sometimes arose when white families applied to adopt minority ethnic children (Selwyn, et al…

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