Essay about The Child 's Attachment Style

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How would you characterize the child’s attachment style? (1)
Anges was very engaged in encouraging Max to explore his environment during his earlier developmental years, especially when he started crawling. Max would crawl a little and then turn to Agnes for reassurance. Even after Max was removed from her care and placed in a daycare setting, he was eventually able to adjust to the staff at the facility. Now that Max is living with Kelly, there is evidence in his behavior that shows he has formed an attachment to her. The history of Max’s behavior with his primary caretakers is that of a secure attachment style (Brandell and Ringel, 2007). When Max lived with Anges, his crawling behavior and approval seeking showed that Anges was a secure base for Max. Now, Max displays secure attachment characteristics with Kelly because she provides him with a sense of safety and has an approach of mindful awareness for his biopsychosocial developmental needs (Brandell and Ringel, 2007). Kelly has empathized with Max’s behavior and has reassured him, encouraged him, and helped him with his nightmares and overly assertive behaviors.
Max’s attachment to Kelly is secure because he does not show anger when she is present but will become agitated and upset when Kelly leaves him. Likewise, during the visitations with Kathleen, Max becomes upset and likely feels that Kelly is going to abandon and leave him with a stranger. Max does not have an attachment to his biological mother. Kelly is a…

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