Essay on The Child Protective Services And Foster Care

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The Child Protective Services
Foster care as defined by the Meriam-Webster dictionary is, a situation in which for a period of time a child lives with and is cared for by people who are not the child 's parents, however, my personal definition based on my experience is entirely different. My journey through the foster care system started with a little building ran by the Child Protective Services. Within the diminutive ominous building, my life was drastically changed in horrendous ways within a few short years. My journey as a foster child started as a malnourished, brunette with green-eyes I was timorous and terrified as a toddler and I continuously became more damaged as each family decided I wasn 't worth their time. Many of the families wanted an optimistic cheerful child and that was not me. Although this is one encounter this is not the complete situation it is where my story began. My story began way before the tall and considerably overweight woman whose name I later learned to be Wendy came to my parents ' minuscule one bedroom apartment and knocked on the door late at night. My infant sister was at my aunt 's house so I was the only child home. I don 't know what happened before she woke me up, however, I do remember being startled awake and crying as I was torn from my parents as they were detached from the situation. She made me sit in a car seat in a little white car and taken to a strange building. However before we went to…

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