Essay about The Child Is A Parent

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When a child has hit the preschool age they become more and more independent from here on out. They no longer need an adult to be able sustain themselves. This is because children have learned what they need to do to survive and how to self-sustain. Now an adult will obviously still need to do the large things such as prepare and serve the food but the adult will no longer need to feed the child or clean up after them. Because of this parents begin to have more respect and trust for the Childs ability’s. When a child feels trusted and respected they will show the adult the same by taking on small chores around the house to better the family dynamic aspect. Now children still need lots of attention and care but they will only seek this in their family members. Adults have finally gotten past the period of keeping the child alive and now must learn how to guide the child in being successful in life. They essentially loose the care giver title and become a parent. As a parent is it your job to instill morals and cultural values you may have in your child so you can trust them when they are faced with tough decisions.

At the age of three children have already established a sense of independence this is exemplified in every aspect of their lives including eating. A 3 year old should be expected to be able to use a spoon not as skilled as an adult but they should have the concept of being able to put the spoon in the food and bring it to their mouth. They should also start…

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