The Child And Young Person Essay

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What is life like for the child/young person? (Include an explanation of what the child/young person thinks about their situation and how things could be different)

Jake appears to have inconsistent routines whilst staying at his grandparents’ home and at his actual home with his parents. Jake has told me that his grandad gives him a dummy, which Jake uses when he says with his grandparents. However, Jake does not have or use a dummy when he stays with his parents. Jake’ s thoughts on this matter seem to be disregarded as Jake has informed me that he has told his grandad that he does not want a dummy, yet grandad still buys them.

Jake and Stacy both claim that Carol, Jake’s paternal grandmother, helps get Jake dressed when he stays at his grandparents’ home, yet, with his parents, Jake is expected and needs to dress himself; Stacy states that she will not help Jake as he is old enough to dress himself.

Jake always appears confused about where is actual home is. When discussing his home, Jake initially refers to his grandparents’ home. When asked what Jake was doing on Bonfire Night, Jake said ‘Stacy is coming to mine tonight’. Exploring this, Jake meant that his mother was going to his grandparents’ home to watch the fireworks with him and his grandparents. By the way Jake speaks it is obvious Jake enjoys staying with his grandparents; Jake has mentioned that he ‘feels mad’ when he has to stay with his mother as he prefers being with his grandparents. This…

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