The Chief Of Police And Sheriff Essay

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In a policing agency there are a number of changes that happen daily or monthly but when these changes happen they have to be communicated down or out to everyone so that all officers are doing the same thing no matter what shift they work. Although, there are a number of officer who work on different shifts as well as off of work on certain days but there is a way to make sure that every officer gets this information. Therefore, the Chief of police or the Sheriff can deliver these changes in a number of ways. The first way that this could be done is they can create a power point presentation and have all of their department heads such as the Chief Duty, Assistant Chief, Captain of all of their different department as well as the Lieutenants of those department come in for a meeting. Unfortunately, all of these people will not be working the same shift therefore, the Chief or Sheriff may have to have two different meetings in order to give everyone the information he or she has to put out. Now, once this is done then these officer once they are trained can take the same power point and give a class to every one under them as well as email the power point to each officer once they have taken the class. Therefore, they can go back later and look over the power point again and study the new changes in order to be able to do their job correctly. Unfortunately, everyone will not be able to make the actual meetings so the emailed power point will give them the information they…

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