The Chicken Cross The Road

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Why did the chicken cross the road? Some would say to get to the other side. Chickens are a type of food that people need. People raise, kill, and eat chickens every day. 9 billion chickens are killed every year, amounting to a staggering 25 million per day. Domesticated poultry are raised specifically for their flesh and eggs. In fact, chicken is the most consumed meat in the world. That’s precisely the reason why my grandpa, Chris Schmidt, created a trailer that helps get chickens from the farm to the shelf and ready to be eaten.
Parked a couple miles outside the city limits in a cow pie infested pasture lays my grandpa’s trailer. When I first walked up to the trailer, it was nothing like I had imagined. I always pictured it as a tiny trailer
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As soon as the door opened the smell of wet metal filled the air. It was not at all the tiny factory with a conveyer belt that I had imagined. On the floor were large grooves, which my grandpa informed me were for draining the blood from all the chickens. With my grandpa was Danwelle, the lady in charge of all the paper work and checking the chickens to make sure they are healthy. To my left, there was a man doing some sort of paper work on a pull-out shelf that is hanging from the wall. “Don’t forget to sanitize your boots,” the man said. This took me by surprise, since they let the blood drain directly onto the floor. I look down to my right and there, right inside the door, is a large tote with plenty of sanitizer in it. As I am walking through the trailer I notice a tiny door, which I guess must have been the bathroom because when Dawnelle noticed I looked at it she said “you will never see me in there. If I have to pee I hold it until I get home”. She strikes me as a pretty sophisticated lady. The type who does not like to get their hands dirty. Standing at five feet one inch and no more than one hundred and five pounds, she is quite a tiny woman. With soft looking hair and dainty, well-kept nails, it is surprising to see her in a trailer as gross as this

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