The Chicago Washington Snapshot Shows The Basic Statistics Of The Conference

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• 100% of each church attendance groups donate more to non-UMC causes than they have in unpaid apportionments even as the conference’s amount apportioned decreases relative to the conference income.

• Baltimore-Washington ranks 10th in persons served in the community

• Attendance in Baltimore-Washington, in comparison to other conferences, this is strong as Baltimore-Washington has 9 more weekly attendees per church than the average UMC church.

• Attracting new members has remained fairly constant around 8 attendees per new member while church group 250-299 requires only 3 attendees.

• The conference is comprised of a large percentage of African Americans but lacks in both Asian and Hispanic demographics.

The Baltimore-Washington snapshot shows the basic statistics of the conference. Again, please note that only churches with at least one weekly attendee in their Annual Statistical Report count towards all variables listed in the SAT. “Number community served” is short for the number of people served in the community previously defined in the glossary. “Capital” in the snapshot includes the market value of all church assets like physical assets, securities, and cash held. Debt includes secured and unsecured debt owed by the conference’s churches.
Figure 1 shows the basic total attendance and membership breakdown for the various weekly attendee groupings of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference. On average, each weekly attendance group has fewer than 5,700…

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