Essay The Chicago Massacre And The Boston Tea Party

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1. The Boston Massacre was a result of American colonialists who harassed and intimidated the British military in regards to the Stamp Act. This act violated the rights of the American colonialists because it was passed without their consent and did not benefit them. Several people were injured and killed in this attack between the British military and the colonialists. Many would say that this was propaganda to promote opposition against the British rule. The Boston Tea Party was also a very significant even that led to the revolution against the British rule. On December 16, 1773, 150 American revolutionaries boarded the British naval ship and dumped out tea into the Boston harbor in response the new tea tax that was imposed. This was very symbolic event because of the idea that colonists were willing to send a message by dumping out something that they loved to drink. They were fighting for an independence from the belittling British rule. I think that the outcome of the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party shows us that the American revolutionaries were tired of the abuse of power by the British government and sent a message that they were not willing to be controlled by them anymore. This influenced many people to fight for their basic rights and liberties that lead to the independence from the British government.
2. Many Native American Indians worked with the British government during the revolution and offered many different types of strategies including…

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