Essay about The Chess Game By Sofonisba Anguisola

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The Chess Game by Sofonisba Anguisola is a painting that was made using oil on canvas and it was completed in the year 1555. I choose to write about this painting because I can see a story unfold based on the girls’ facial expressions. Although it is the oldest painting of the group, the painting spoke to me and I immediately envisioned how I could answer this prompt. Also, Diego Rivera’s Sugar Cane came in second place but I wanted to challenge myself and describe something foreign to me since I had already described Rivera’s painting, Corn Harvest in the past assignment. There are four females in the picture. Starting from right to left, we see the servant. Her skin has a yellow tint, making it darker than the rest. She has wrinkles on her forehead and crow’s feet by her eyes. She is wearing no makeup; her small lips have no color. Her hair is parted down the middle and it fades from gray to black. She has a white hood on down half of her hair. She is wearing a white shirt but it is hardly in the frame. Next, is the daughter that is the middle child. She is sitting across the table from her eldest sister as they just finished playing chess. She is looking directly at her sister so only her side profile is visible. She has an oval pale face with prominent features such as a big forehead and a straight nose. She has dark eyes, her under eye area is a bit darker than her sisters and her cheeks aren’t as pink. Her mouth is slightly open. Her wavy hair is parted down the…

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