The Chernobyl Disaster Of Chernobyl Essay

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On April 26, 1986 in a town just north of Kiev, Ukraine, lies the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and on this unfortunate day one of the nuclear reactors failed, causing numerous deaths and many more problems to the areas surrounding this nuclear plant. In this paper the history of Chernobyl will be examined and how it happened, along with the health effects related to radiation exposure, environmental effects, and what its’s like at Chernobyl today. Chernobyl had a total of four nuclear reactors. The first two were built between 1970 and 1977, and the third and fourth ones being built by 1983, and two more reactors were being built at the time of the disaster. It was one of the largest and oldest nuclear power plants in the world at the time of the disaster (, 2009). There were many steps that led to the Chernobyl disaster, most of which could’ve been avoided. The biggest problem was the attempted cover up. When the reactor started to meltdown, The Soviet Union asked for help and advice for fighting a graphite fire, which they admitted claimed the lives of two people. A few days later Sweden began measuring high amounts of radiation in their atmosphere; it then became obvious the Soviet Union was attempting to cover something up (, 2009). It wasn’t until about a day and a half later that Pripyat was evacuated, by then flames had been shooting hundreds of feet in the sky, and radioactive fallout had begun raining down on the city. The Soviet…

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