Essay about The Chemical Properties Of Water

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Water is one of the essential elements for life and has a chemical formula of H2O. Water also has some unique physical and chemical properties which assists in making it so vital. Some of these essential properties include that it’s a polar molecule, it has adhesive and cohesive forces, it is a universal solvent, pH of 6.8-7.0, boiling point of 100◦C and melting point of 0◦C and finally its solid form is less dense than it’s liquid one.
Water has the chemical property of being a polar molecule as it has an unequal distribution of electrons. Polar molecules have partially positive and negative charges due to the asymmetrical formation of the polar bonds (James, 2016). This separation is known as dipole force (Helmenstine, N.D.). Water has strong adhesive and cohesive forces that causes the water molecules to cling together. The adhesive forces are accounted for by dipole – dipole forces caused by the interaction between waters polar molecules. A dipole-dipole force is caused by one of the two types of chemical bonding; intermolecular bonding. The two types of bonds are known as intramolecular forces and intermolecular forces. Forces within a molecule that keep atoms together are known as intramolecular forces whereas those that occur outside the molecule are known as the intermolecular forces (Khan Academy). Generally intramolecular forces are stronger than intermolecular ones. The cohesive forces are created due to the hydrogen bonding found in the molecule.…

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